11 Wedding Makeup Tips to Look and Feel Your Best on Your Big Day


Your wedding is most likely going to be the most photographed day of your life. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the other details that go into planning the perfect ‘grammable celebration, but one that often gets pushed to the bottom of the list is your wedding day makeup.

11 Wedding Makeup Tips

1. Plan your wedding makeup according to the season

Think about the weather – will it be hot and steamy or a cold winter day? Summer brides should think about prepping the skin with an anti-shine primer, and go for long-wearing products that won’t get shiny as easily and are harder to sweat off. In winter, look for makeup products that aren’t too dry or flat, but rather illuminate the skin.

Think about makeup colors too. Overly dark, dramatic eyes and lips can look out of place at summer weddings, especially since those are often outside or slightly less formal, the same way lighter colors can make you look washed out against a winter backdrop.

Wedding makeup tips - Plan your wedding makeup according to the season

2.     Drink lots of water

Hydrated skin not only looks better, but also allows for the best application and wear-time of your makeup. So drinks lots of water before your wedding day.

3.    Focus on skincare

Beautiful skin makes any makeup look that much better. In the weeks and months before your wedding, make sure you’re cleansing well to avoid congestion, hydrating thoroughly for your most smooth, plump-looking skin, and exfoliating to break down build up and create a smooth surface. Your makeup will lay better, and glowing skin that requires less covering up may even mean you get to spend less time in the chair.

Wedding makeup tips #1 focus on skincare

4.     Have a makeup trial

Test out your makeup look well before the wedding to make sure you’re happy with the look and that it wears well. If possible, schedule your trial before another event so you can test out wear time under similar conditions. If you have a specific look in mind, bring lots of pictures to make sure your makeup artist understands what you’re going for. Bonus tip: an engagement party is a great opportunity to test out your makeup.

Wedding makeup tips - have a makeup trial

5.     Use waterproof products

If you’re like us, you sometimes cry at weddings even if you don’t know the couple, let alone at your own wedding. Take advantage of all the waterproof makeup products out there to avoid your mascara running down your face along with your tears of joy.

Wedding makeup tips - use waterproof products

6.     Strive for balance

Think about your look as a whole. Moody smoky eye? Go for a lighter lip so they don’t compete. Bold statement lip? Keep your eyes more subtle so your lipstick really pops.

7.     Color match your foundation

No one wants the dreaded jawline stripe in their wedding photos. Make sure you color match with care so your foundation blends seamlessly into your skin.

8.     Have your lipstick at the ready

One of the reasons we often like a lighter lip is because it can be easier to get away with fewer reapplications, but no matter what between kisses, dinner, and champagne you’ll need a touch up. Assign one of your bridesmaids to carry your lipstick and a compact for touch ups on the go. If your makeup artist provided your lipstick, don’t fret – they’ll usually make a sample for you that you can keep with you throughout the day.

Wedding makeup tips - have your lipstick at the ready.

9.     Keep a beauty blender on hand

Did we mention weddings are emotional? Keep a beauty blender nearby so you can buff out smudges and avoid tear tracks on your cheeks.

10. Make it an event

Makeup is fun, so make it an event! If you can, share the moment with your bridesmaids and even some of your female family members, and create a space where everyone can get prepped together. Getting ready is such a great girl-time opportunity and can get you that much more excited for the day. 

Wedding makeup tips - have fun

11.  Make sure you feel like you!

Your wedding day is one day where you should feel like the best, most fabulous version of yourself. It can be tempting to go all out on a bold makeup look for the occasion, but make sure that you still feel like you in it so you feel and therefore look your best.

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