What is a room drop?

A room drop is a gift or souvenir that you leave at your wedding guests’ hotel rooms for them

Ok, first things first: what is a room drop?

What is a room drop? A room drop is a gift or souvenir that you leave at your guests’ hotel rooms for them. You can coordinate it with the front desk of just about any hotel. Just assemble your gifts, let the hotel know that you want them in all your guests’ rooms with any special placement notes, and drop them off – usually the hotel will do the rest. If you only have a few guests, sometimes they’ll even let you go room to room and place them yourself. This is a great project for bridal party and designated family members!

Room drop ideas

What goes into a hotel room drop? As with any give you can choose anything you’d like to give your guests, thought here are a few tips we’ve picked up over the years:

1. Remember that these are for out-of-towners.

In many cases the guests have flown in, and they’re going to have to fly home, so keep your gift small and packable, or make it something they’ll use that weekend.

2. Make a statement

Your hotel room drop is often your guests’ first experience of your special weekend, so you want to make a great first impression. Rather than just leaving a few small items, we like to make one beautiful package that will surprise and delight on sight. Custom totes with a fun slogan, your hashtag, or your date are useful, easy to pack, and make a statement right away.

3. Give them a taste of your town.

Whether your city is big or small, chances are you’re in the know about the best places for coffee, the most kid-friendly museums, or who makes the city’s signature treat. Give your guests a head start on getting to know your town by providing interesting and useful local info, maps, and snacks.

Idea for a room drop - something local. Example of Buffalo wedding hotel room drop | Social Maven Wedding Planners

4. Think about what you’d need in a pinch

Room drops are a great way to provide guests with some key items they might have left at home, or that will come in handy over the weekend. Think emergency kits with sewing supplies and nail polish remover (we like Pinch Provisions), band aids, Advil, a Tide stick, or even a whole hangover kit.

5. Customize everything

Nothing will elevate simple items or make them feel special like a custom label with your wedding info on it.

6. Everyone loves a midnight snack

Consumable treats are a great way to avoid taking up space in your guests’ luggage and to show them the local delicacies, and who doesn’t love a sweet treat to come home to at the end of the night? Individually packages cookies and candies are usually a home run, and an unexpected water bottle can be a life (or tomorrow morning) saver.

7. Pick a theme

Beach wedding? Provide cute sunglasses. Woodland event? Make travel bug sprays with a custom label. Winter wonderland theme? Share some hot chocolate. Whatever you do, try to tie your room drop to your event to make it that much cuter and ensure your guests will use it.

Another room drop idea is to pick a theme that goes well with your wedding like these little heart glasses

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