What is a Wedding Designer?

What is a Wedding Designer? Social Maven | Buffalo Wedding Planners

As Social Maven we often get asked about the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator. But did you know there are also wedding designers? In this post we’ll cover:

What is a Wedding Designer

And What does a Wedding Designer Do?

What’s a Wedding Designer? And What do they do? SocialMavenBuffalo.com

What does a Wedding Designer do?

A Wedding Designer is the architect of your vision and are responsible for making it come to life. A wedding designer’s role has very little to do with the overall planning of the wedding. The role of a designer is purely aesthetic - a wedding designer creates a cohesive feel and your desired atmosphere. They’ll offer guidance on fabrics, textures, color palettes, props, furniture, and all décor elements.

Why hire wedding designers? Social Maven Buffalo, NY

Should you hire a Wedding Designer?

  • If your number one priority is the décor and feel of your wedding.

  • Someone who isn’t necessarily creative but is able to manage all other aspects of the wedding planning process.

  • You want someone to dedicate themselves to decorating the event space for your wedding.

  • If you’re looking for ornate or difficult to source props or equipment.

  • You have a specific, detailed theme in mind and need help developing and executing it.

How Much do Wedding Designers Cost? Social Maven | Buffalo Wedding Planners

How much do wedding designers cost?

You should expect to invest about 3-5k, depending on the intricacies of the design and how much time there is to complete the project.

When Should I book a wedding designer? Social Maven | Event & Wedding Planners in Buffalo NY

When should I book aWedding Designer?

Especially when looking to source more specific items, booking a designed about 6 months to a year from your date will come in handy.  Because of the intense creative nature of wedding design, professional wedding designers only take a few projects a year. Make sure you secure yours in advance.

Wedding Designers are the design architects of your big day but are not involved in the planning execution. SocialMavenBuffalo.com

At Social Maven we offer all 3 levels of service: planning, coordinating, and designing weddings. We also offer packages tailored to your unique needs.

What is a Wedding Designer? Social Maven Event & Wedding Planners | Buffalo New York and Beyond

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