Ask Syrie: Why Hire A Planner?


Our #girlboss Syrie Roman has more than 15 years of experience in event planning, so we decided to ask her, why hire a planner?

Professional event planners used to be considered a luxury amongst the wealthy. Hiring a professional to plan and manage your big events used to be considered cost prohibitive and unnecessary. We’re here to tell you that those days are gone.

Some of the most widely used excuses to not hire a professional event planner usually sound something like this: “I can’t afford it”, “It will blow up my budget”, “I want to plan my own wedding”, “It’s not necessary, my family can help”, “My venue offers an in-house event planner”.

“I can’t afford it” – when you hire the right professional we come with a network of service providers that often extend us a wholesale or “planner” price. I’m not saying that’s always the case, however, when you hire a planner with a wide network of service professionals those contacts come in handy.  Not to mention that you will save time and effort doing the research on your own without focus or real direction. Because we have relationships with other professionals in the industry we usually can give you a selection of vendors that match your vision and budget concerns.

“It will blow up my budget” – au contraire! We can save your budget! Or at least manage it with you. Planners come in all package sizes and prices. If you do your research I’m sure you will find a perfect fit for your planning and budget needs. For example, we offer tiered pricing and craft packages individually for every client. No 2 events are the same so, no 2 planning packages are the same either. We can almost always meet the needs of our clients and stay in their budget.

“I want to plan my own wedding” – We absolutely expect you to! When you hire a planner rarely are you able to completely let go of the reigns and just show up on the day, we need you to be involved!! We want you to be the decision maker on every single detail of the celebrations. However, we do all the leg work and provide you with the most summarize information needed for you to make educated decisions that cater to your vision and needs. We can honestly say that we do not take on any clients we don’t connect with 100%, it is of the utmost importance to us that our creative vision and yours mesh well and we have a good relationship, this will ensure the best client experience which is our ultimate goal.

“It’s not necessary, my family can help me” – We love when your family is involved in the decision making, you can bring them to vendor meetings, tastings, and dress fittings but, do you really want your mother making sure the caterer gets to the venue on time, the rentals are delivered properly, tables set correctly, and timeline managed through the day? We want your family and friends to enjoy the day and relax with you not run around making game day decisions or dealing with issues. That’s what we’re there for! To make your day absolutely seamless and care free.

“My venue offers an in-house planner” – A lot of venues offer in house coordinator, which is a variation of a planner. They do a great job managing the service staff, making sure the tables are set, vendors know where they’re going, and everyone is fed. However, it is not their job to create your timeline, find you the best vendors, keep your budget, logistically plan your ceremony and reception, or make sure that your cousin Susan at table 6 doesn’t get anywhere near a peanut because of her extreme allergy. They’re coordinators who work for a venue and , as they should, they will always look out for the best interest of the venue, not necessarily yours. We love working with venue coordinators and they assist us in making the whole process easy and stress free for our clients but, its not their job to plan your event.

So, as you can see hiring a planner is a necessity and should be budgeted for when you begin to think about your event planning. Even if you’re not sure if you need one, inquire, do research and you’ll be surprised how much time and effort we can save you. I always say that a good planner will pay for themselves at the end, just in stress management alone. We have the insider information and access to what you need to make your idea come to life. From design to clean up, we got you. Send us an email or give us a call. The coffee is always on us! Because at your event you should be carrying a drink, not a clipboard.