What to do after getting engaged - Ask Syrie: I said YES! Now what?

If you are anything like us, and have been in a committed relationship for some time, the thought of your significant other popping the question has probably crossed your mind. You might even have a secret Pinterest board or two full of all things wedding. Then, the day is finally here, you said YES! Your inner bride is probably trying to take over and immediately go into planning mode. STOP. Take a breath and enjoy the moment, linger in the feeling of the proposal for a bit, then go into bridal mode. Don’t get overwhelmed.

What to do after getting engaged?

1. First tell your family…

Most importantly, please tell your family first, call them or pay them a visit. This includes your siblings and BFF’s, take a couple of hours and make those calls, video chat, or text.

…then, tell the world.

After telling your family you’re engaged, share the news with everyone else. A fun ring shot on social media usually does the trick, go get a fabulous mani!

What to do after getting engaged? Tell your family first then tell the world . A fun ring shot on social media usually does the trick, go get a fabulous mani. Social Maven | Buffalo Wedding Planners

2. Get the ring sized and insured.

Your new sparkler is perfect in every way, unless it's not quite the right size, make sure to get it resized as soon as possible, the last thing you want is to lose it!

Also, make sure to insure it. Even though nothing can replace its sentimental value, if something were to happen, at least you can get its monetary value back!  Make sure you ask questions about what is covered in the policy, most times even minor scratches or damage to the ring will be covered. Spending a little more on good insurance is worth it. After all, this is a piece of jewelry you will have for the rest of your life.

3. Go on a date with your fiancé and have the wedding talk.

Go on a date with your fiancé and have the wedding talk, discuss what type of engagement you want. Do you want a long engagement and a couple of years to plan the wedding? Or, is getting married right away more your style? Do you want a big wedding or something more intimate? Is there a date that has significance to both of you? Answering these questions will give you a good perspective as to where you stand and which step to take next.

What to do after getting engaged? Go on a date with your fiancé and have the wedding talk, discuss what type of engagement you want.  https://www.socialmavenbuffalo.com/

4. Set a wedding budget.

Even simple, intimate weddings can be costly. Talk about how much you’re comfortable spending, figure out whether your families will be contributing, and plan accordingly.

Before you approach your families to ask how much (if any) they’d like to contribute, make sure you and your partner are on the same page as to how much you would prefer to spend and the size of the wedding you’d like to have. Ideally, you shouldn't enter your new marriage with accumulated debt from your big day.

What to do after getting engaged? Make sure you and your partner are on the same page on the wedding size and cost. Social Maven | Wedding Planners

5. Decide if you’d like an engagement party.

Before you fully get into wedding planning mode your friends and family might want to throw you a party to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

It’s a great time to celebrate your love and test a hair and makeup artist in the process! If you have a photographer in mind for your wedding, an engagement party is the perfect time to sample their work. The photos can be used for your wedding save the dates and to populate your wedding website! Remember to choose your guest list wisely, everyone invited to your engagement party should be invited to your wedding as well.

What to do after getting engaged? Decide if you’d like an engagement party. SocialMavenBuffalo.com

6. Gather wedding inspiration.

Social Media is a great resource for ideas, vendors in your area, and general daydreaming. Do you want a formal wedding, a casual backyard reception, a destination wedding, or something in between? Do you dream about getting married in the fall, or in a winter wonderland? Are spring and summer your ideal seasons? Would you like a wedding weekend full of fun activities? Envision the wedding you want, does it match your budget? Don't know where to start? That’s where we come in!

7. Look for help! No one should plan their wedding alone.

Stress reduction, time and cost saving sounds nice, right?

Yes, a wedding planner or coordinator will be an additional expense but, they can save you money in the end.

Sometimes couples think that because their venue has a coordinator they will be taken care of and do not need to hire additional planning help. Although venue coordinators are immensely helpful, some are not even contractually obligated to be there on your wedding day. Remember that, in the end, they work for the venue, not for you. Other couples enlist their family members or friends to help them plan their big day, this results in added stress to their family during the planning process and, even more so, on the day of the wedding. Your family should be able to relax and enjoy the day as much as you, they should not be worried about what time the caterer will be arriving at the venue or if the florist delivered all the bouquets. A wedding planner will look out for your best interest and make sure you get the best from your vendors in order to ensure you have the perfect wedding day.

Want to get an idea of what it’s like working with a wedding planner?

What to do after getting engaged? Ask Syrie. Social Maven Buffalo

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