Who We Are


Social Maven specializes in creating unique and beautiful events in Buffalo, NY and beyond.  

From the flowers to favors, we strive to bring an extra dose of flair, fun, and sophistication to each event we touch - whether it’s an intimate dinner party, a social event, or a wedding for 300. 

We approach every project with one goal in mind: creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest level of service to surpass your expectations and bring your vision to life, because at your event you should be carrying a drink, not a clipboard.


Meet Syrie, Social Maven’s Principal Planner

My background spans across Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, Catering, Event Production, and Wedding Planning. Social Maven started with a dream, a lot of hustle, and a deep love for creating memories.

After 12 years in event management - from working at event venues to small and intimate weddings - I decided to open Social Maven. I often laugh when people think our job is glamorous, there is so much work behind the scenes that no one sees, that’s what we thrive on. The hours upon hours on our feet, small (internal) panic attacks when something doesn’t go as planned - at the end of the day it’s all part of the experience of designing, creating, and thoughtfully executing the perfect day for our client and their guests.

Before being an event planner, I used to manage restaurants and catering departments for different venues, so I know what they need and how we can come together to make a great event. It truly takes a village - a village of good vendors and a fastidious amount of organization and details. My background comes as a huge advantage when dealing with vendors and venues, as I can ensure all the correct steps are being taken and all our bases are covered. We discuss every single detail, - Every minute of the day is accounted for and every detail explained at length. We communicate with each vendor to ensure that your vision is met and everyone is on the same page. Plus a good sense of humor always helps.

The best part of my job is connecting my clients to all the people who can make the events and weddings happen. I’ve become great friends with clients, and over the years I’ve become part of a great community of wedding and event vendors in Buffalo, NY. What brings us together is how open we are to collaboration, and how each of us strives for mastery in our own work and to continue evolving as professionals.

What drives me? Making my clients happy. And perhaps, 20 years after their wedding, they’ll look back and say, “do you remember that Puerto Rican girl who helped us out with our wedding?”

Our Values

We bring our A-game to every event and wedding by:

  • Listening deeply. We take the time to explore what will resonate with our clients and their guests. We listen to so that we understand their vision and the kind of support they need from us.

  • Collaborating. Building a community of high-caliber professionals in the area so that we can create the best events possible.

  • Being transparent. This allows us to make honest recommendations and match our clients with the best vendor in each category who will match their vision and budgetary needs. All of our advice and vendor recommendations are 100% based on merit. We pride ourselves in not taking any brokerage fees or commissions when recommending vendors to our clients.

  • Being on the cutting edge. We love learning about the newest trends in the industry from a design technology perspective. Maintaining great relationships with the best vendors enables us to share ideas and resources.

  • Bringing our very best. Whether it’s a festival for 5,000, wedding for 300, or birthday party for 40, the approach is always the same - bringing our experience in management and organizational skills to execute a flawless event.